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 About Me


Rachel Strametz, MBA, CSA, BCPA, CAPS

Before establishing her own mobile notary service, Rachel Strametz was a successful insurance agency owner and founder of a nonprofit for aging-in-place. Rachel began her career as a loan closing agent in 2003, before the big mortgage industry collapse in 2008. She was an independent contractor for several mortgage lenders and was required to ensure compliance not only with lender requirements but federal and state regulations. The most valuable part of this work for Rachel was making sure the clients had a professional experience and that her attention to detail ensured the integrity for the lender and the client.


Outside of Rachel's mobile notary service she nurtured a growing interest in serving those who need assistance after a fall, rehabilitation or an unexpected event.  This inspired her to establish her own nonprofit, Agewise, which she founded in 2019.  She observed many families hadn't taken the necessary steps to protect their interests and assets finding themselves in a crisis when an unforeseen emergency occurred. These families were now in an urgent state and needed documents notarized but found it difficult to find a notary to come to the hospital, rehab or their home. Upon realizing how many were in need of mobile notary services for various reasons, Rachel knew more could be done. She expanded her notary services and became certified as a signing agent to provide services to any person who could not bring their documents to a notary. Rachel has now established Resourceful Notary, LLC to dedicate her full attention to serving the community in many ways as a commissioned public official.  

Trust Rachel to handle your notarial needs.  She is ready to serve you at your convenience; remotely or at your preferred location.  Call or text 509.392.3232.


How It Works


You can depend on Rachel Strametz to provide signing services wherever and whenever you or your client prefer…reliably, flexibly, with unsurpassed professionalism, and with proven attention to detail. Please find the services and notary fees listed below.  Depending on circumstances, Rachel may provide services on a sliding scale, please contact her to find our more details. 



Document Package Fees 

Forbearance or partial claims package:  1 signer $50, 2 signers $80


Loan Signings:  $125-170 (For 1 or 2 signers, includes printing 2 sets docs, travel, collection of all signatures, notarization, drop at mail site)

  • 1 Trustee:  $135 (includes travel in K/P/R, $150 outside of K/P/R).

  • 2 Trustees: $150 (includes travel in K/P/R, $175 outside of K/P/R).

Trust document, POA, AHCD, Last Will only:  see single document pricing.

Rachel works directly with individuals and businesses needing notarial services.  She has experience working with several mortgage, title, and real estate companies as well as legal firms.  She also has experience with medical facilities and hospital environments. She specializes in:

  • Mortgage Loan signings

  • I-9 Forms

  • Financial Power of Attorney

  • Medical Power of Attorney

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Estoppel Certificates

  • DMV/TOW Affidavit

  • Advanced Health Care Directives

  • Adoption, Custody, Guardianship

  • Trusts & Estate Planning

  • Apostille services

  • Proof of Personal Service

  • Quit Claim Deeds

  • Affidavits & Acknowledgements

  • Minor Consent to Travel Form

  • Pension & Life forms

  • Affidavit of Attorney in Fact

  • Parental Authorization Affidavit

  • and more!


In addition, Rachel can help with any other business or private documents requiring notarization.  Please feel free to reach out to her to discuss your needs.  

Living Trusts Full Packages: 

Single Document Fee Notarization


Travel fee:

  • Travel: $25 (Mon.-Sun., home, office, public venue during business hours)

  • Travel to Assisted Living/Independent Communal:  $40

  • Travel to Hospitals/Nursing Homes:  $50 

  • Travel to Safety Center/Jail:  $85 (if wait time extra fee)

  • Travel outside of Tri-Cities:

  • Benton City, Finley, Prosser, Connell: $40 travel

  • Walla Walla, Toppenish: $60 travel

Resourceful Notary, LLC proudly serves Richland, Pasco, & Kennewick, the surrounding areas of Benton and Franklin Counties including Walla Walla, Othello, Toppenish.  By Appointment, 7 days/week.


What Happy
Clients Say...

Rachel was great! She was always accessible and was willing to go wherever we needed to get the notarizations done.  Because we had a significant number of notarizations to be done, she gave us half-off the normal price. I recommend her without reservation.

- Patty

Kennewick, WA